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Video: Dr Aaron Rhodes and Professor Vincent Berger, side event on religious Freedom at Council of Europe.

Written the Sunday, April 13th 2014 à 14:09

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At an event in the Council of Europe on 8th of April a coalition of 5 groups concerned with Religious Freedom held a well-attended event on the subject. The event was sponsored by Member of Parliament Valeriu Ghiletchi.

The event was held to focus attention on the already extensive criticism of French MP Rudy Salles' Report "The protection of minors against excesses of sects" -- a report that has finally be debated in the Parliamentary Assembly on the 10th April and rejected by the Assembly (see here). 
The two speakers, Professor Vincent Berger (former Jurisconsult of the ECHR) and Dr Aaron Rhodes (new elected President of FOREF Europe, founder of the Freedom Rights Project and former director of the International Helsinki Foundation) outlined the dangers of adopting a report that would affect the rights of religious minorities when, from a human rights and legal perspective, there are no or inadequate definitions to define the supposed problem. To implement measures without any clear legal basis would only end up stigmatizing and eventually reducing the rights and protection of children and their parents.

The groups sponsoring this event were: 
European Interreligious Forum for Religious Freedom 
Care for Europe 
The Moscow Helsinki Group 
The All Faiths Network 
The European Evangelical Alliance 

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