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Next IRF Roundtable in Europe meeting - 12 March in Brussels

Written the Monday, February 23rd 2015 à 16:30

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Here is the invitation to this roundtable meeting.

IRF Roundtable Europe in Brussels
Meeting Thursday March 12, 2015
From 14h00 to 16h30 – Be there!
At the Renaissance Hotel – Room Lisbon - Rue du Parnasse 19 - Brussels
2 minutes walk from the EU Parliament

Refreshments and hot drinks will be provided
Please confirm your presence by email to
With your name, post and the NGO you are belonging to.
The IRF Roundtable is an informal group of individuals from non-governmental organizations who gather regularly to discuss IRF issues on a non-attribution basis. It is simply a safe space where participants gather, speak freely in sharing ideas and information, and propose joint, multi-faith advocacy actions to address specific IRF issues and problems. The Roundtable is informal to the point of being routinely referred to as a “non-group,” and this is an inclusive, participant-driven space that is open to anybody and everybody. Each individual participant has an open and equal opportunity to place specific items on the agenda, speak at meetings, design and launch initiatives, self-select into coalitions of the willing and participate in joint advocacy actions. And we are truly multi-faith in nature. We all agree on the importance of religious freedom, and we work together on the basis of mutual respect and understanding. Participants are under no obligation to take any action whatsoever. And each joint, multi-faith advocacy action is undertaken solely by, and on behalf of, the individual participants who self-selected into that specific coalition of the willing. Each report, minute or reference to or on the roundtable meetings are written in respect to the principle of non-attribution, to allow freedom and safety of expression during the meetings for all participants.

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