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EIFRF presentation

The steering committee of EIFRF
Petar Gramatikov - Vice-chair

Petar Gramatikov is a hierodeacon of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. He has a Master's Degree in Theology and has been awarded a title of Doctor (Didiaskalos) of the Universal Orthodox Church by the Ecumenical Patriarchatee in 1999. He has been teaching theology since more than 20 years and is also currently chief expert in religious questions in the municipality of Plovdiv. He is vice President of the Eastern European Forum for Dialogue-Bridges NGO. He has been working for years in the field of Human rights, defending the traditional view of Orthodox church in terms of respect for all beliefs, beside all theological conceptions. Since May 2014, Petar is also an elected trustee of the Global Council Trustees of URI (United Religions Initiative).

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Peace Pals International is a program of The World Peace Prayer Society, which promotes the message May Peace Prevail On Earth as a simple, universal expression to unite the hearts of all people in our common desire and hope for peace on earth.

2014 ~ 17th Annual Arts Exhibition & Awards - Peace Pals International

Deadline: June 30, 2014

Children from around the World are invited to submit their artwork to The 2014 ~ 17th Annual Peace Pals International Arts Exhibition and Awards.

2014 Theme and Message: “Right to Peace.”
The theme of the 2014 UN International Day of Peace.

This year we have joined with The International Day of Peace (IDP) and the United Nations. Please visit:  for more information about The International Day of Peace. To learn more about the “Right to Peace,” please read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at:

Who has the right to peace?
What would the world look like if everyone lived in peace?
How does the United Nations help to build a peaceful world?
What will you do to make sure all people have a “Right to Peace?

Think about these questions and create artwork which symbolizes what a “Right to Peace,” means to you.  Your artwork MUST include the message, “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in English and/or your Native Language. All art must be done by children, including the writing of May Peace Prevail On Earth.

Register Now   (English, French, German and Spanish)
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Règles et lignes directrices Français

right to peace









Please click links below to read the rules before registering and submitting your artwork. 

Register Now   (English, French, German and Spanish)

You can upload your artwork!  Once you have completed your artwork and registered – You canUPLOAD  your artwork. You must have a registration number. Click here  for more information.

If you are not receiving newsletters from The World Peace Prayer Society or Peace Pals International – Please join the mailing list to be notified of the winners and to learn of upcoming events throughout the year. Click here to join our mailing list.

All children who participate and register online will receive a Certificate of Participation.
Once you have your Registration number, please click here  and enter your registration number to receive your certificate.

cultureofpeaceinitiave The Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) is a UN-designated “Peace Messenger Initiative” with participants in all the world’s regions. Its purpose is to unite the strengths of organizations and individuals who are working to make Peace a practical reality.

The highlight of the Initiative is International Day of Peace  (Peace Day), which is celebrated annually on September 21. On this day, millions of people worldwide come together to create one day of Peace.

Since 1983, CPI has served as a vehicle for bringing forward the previously unseen and unheard voices working towards Peace. It also serves to unite the strengths of existing individuals and organizations building Cultures of Peace for succeeding generations. If you’re a peace builder, peace organization, or just a peace lover please join our community. You’ll find a variety of peace groups you can interact with, get updates on events from around the globe, and much more.

In the spirit of the original vision that brought forth the Charter of the United Nations, the purpose of this global/local Initiative is to build a Culture of Peace in the 21st century, uniting the strengths of organizations, projects and peoples in order to make Peace a practical reality for the children of this and future generations.

We thank our Sponsors

World Peace Prayer Society ~ Rotary International ~ Culture of Peace Initiative ~ Goi Peace Foundation ~ International Day of Peace ~ Catskill Art ~ Cyber Schoolbus

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MEPs Van Dalen and De Jong present unique report on freedom of religion

At a conference held in Brussels on February, 12 the European Parliament Working Group on Freedom of Religion or Belief (EPWG), co-chaired by MEPs Peter van Dalen (ECR) and Dennis de Jong (GUE/NGL), presented its first annual report on freedom of religion in the world. The report takes stock of developments regarding religious freedom and concludes that this human right is increasingly violated, around the globe. The report proposes to give the promotion of religious freedom a more prominent place in EU foreign policy. It furthermore makes recommendations for EU action in case of fifteen countries where the situation is particularly dire.

PRESS RELEASE: MEPs Van Dalen and De Jong present unique report on freedom of religion

The report was presented at a conference jointly organised with the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, who also presented their annual report. UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief, dr. Heiner Bielefeldt, gave the keynote speech.


The conference welcomed the adoption of EU Guidelines on the promotion and protection of freedom of religion or belief, by the EU Member States last year. Participants agreed that this was a major step, however, the process of ensuring a thorough implementation has only just begun. Also, complementing measures were needed.


Peter van Dalen said:

"Today is a sad day as right now many millions of people are bullied, discriminated, persecuted and even killed for their faith. I hope that our work may contribute towards improving this situation."


"We made several recommendations on specific countries. On Egypt for example, we would like the EU to unfreeze the aid pledged, but tie it to human rights conditions; Coptic Christians must be able to freely and safely practise their faith. On Pakistan, we demand that hate speech be scrapped from school books, in particular where they are subsidized by the EU! On India, we'd like to see the states who have introduced anti-conversion legislation, to repeal those provisions."


Dennis de Jong said:

"I am grateful for the co-operation we developed with the EEAS on the EU Guidelines. However, we now need to follow this up through an informal dialogue on the toolkit which will serve as an instrument for embassies and EU delegations to implement the Guidelines."


"Similarly, we need to further develop our dialogue with the EEAS also on the countries of concern: we identified many such countries and we now have to focus on the instruments the EU and the Member States have to help to change the situation in these countries."


Dr. Heiner Bielefeldt said:

"I see an enormous practical potential in the EU Guidelines, in harnessing the existing capacities of the EU and its Member States to make Freedom of Religion or Belief a reality. I value the Working Group's strategic role in promoting the Guidelines and their efficient implementation. The European Parliament would be well advised to upgrade the working group to an intergroup."


The report can be viewed here:


For more information, contact the EPWG secretariat:  or .

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